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Menschengruppe in einer futuristisch anmutenden, digitalen Ausstellung.

Workshop | Intentional Digital Habits

Jonathan Garner
How do we use technology in our lives?

This workshop has two parts. We recommend participating in the first one in order to participate in the follow-up session.

Even before Covid-19 we were often warned that being surrounded by smartphones, social media, and 24 hour connectivity is bad for us.

But is this really such an issue? How bad could the effects truly be to our wellbeing, productivity, creativity, and our sense of purpose? And considering the ubiquity of tech in the remote workplace of 2021 and beyond, what could we even really do about it?

In these sessions you will discover the true impact an unintentional relationship with technology can have on us, and explore a framework to help put you in charge.

But let’s make one thing clear—this is not about digital detox and we won’t be telling you to lock your digital devices away. Instead Jonathan Garner, the founder of Mind over Tech, will be taking us on a holistic and interactive journey drawing on learnings from Neuroscience, Behavioural science, UX design and Mindfulness to help create agency in the way you use your tech.

These workshops are a space for people of all faiths and none, the younger and older, people of all backgrounds and identities.

Date, Time

16.09.2021, 19:00 – 20:30
22.09.2021, 19:00 – 19:45


Online, you will receive your Zoom link after registration.


Tickets to this event are sold on a donation basis. We suggest an amount between 25€ and 75€ as a donation. Please assess your donation freely according to your current situation and possibilities.

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Jonathan Garner

Jonathan Garner

Jonathan has practiced web development and user experience design for the last 10 years. For over 6 years he has combined this experience with his formal education in creativity to design and deliver workshops which communicate the complexities of disruptive technologies, delivering them around the world for clients such as VISA, IBM, Unilvever and McKinseys. More recently he founded and runs Mind over Tech—a company which helps clients adopt healthy digital cultures around issues such as remote working, smartphone use and constant connectivity. This involves teaching methods to align our actions with our intentions when working in a digital space in order to improve wellbeing, productivity and creativity.