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Algorithms versus Awareness

For A Technology Fit For Humans

Swipe, swipe, double tap, like, swipe, type, comment, like, comment, LOL, OMG, haha – one hour, two hours – our days are filled with the bright and vivid input of the screens and devices in our daily lives and at work.

But then, if we are given the conscious choice, are the flood of social media, digitalized workplaces and the infinite opportunities for entertainment really what we want to occupy our minds with? Actually, sometimes the answer may be yes. But many times we don’t get lost in virtual reality because it gives us joy. Often it is just the power of our habitual patterns that we have built over the years.

Our minds and lives are deeply influenced by habits. What does that mean for a digital world shaped by algorithms that are specifically designed to catch our attention for as long as possible, to make us (addicted to) the product?

The following video [external link] is an exploration of that and (hopefully) an inspiration to take responsibility for our attention and awareness again.

Illustration: Kenyatta Hutter

Zak Bassey

Zak is a freelance programmer and technology consultant, often found working with organisations such as Mind Over Tech to spread better knowledge and understanding around technology use. He is also part of the leadership team of Humane Tech Berlin.

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